lucky university

We have taken learning to a whole new level! We are proud to have combined training forces with Eugene’s own Dog and Cat Training and Behavior Modification to create lucky university. Together we are offering a variety of new classes to meet your dog training needs.

lucky university classes are structured to teach desired behaviors in a kind and non-forceful way. Our curriculum is science based and has been built upon using positive reinforcement techniques. At Lucky U we believe establishing trust and friendship will result in a strong bond and a lifetime of learning. Come train with us!

why lucky university?

Small Class Sizes
Research has shown that learning is heightened when students are in a low stress environment and given individual attention.

Pet Parent Support
We provide pet parent support by keeping classes small, providing a comfortably heated facility, and utilizing positive, fun training methods to set you and your dog up for success.

Training Partners
Your training partners are well educated and have formal accredited animal behavior training. Continuing education is important at Lucky U. Training Partners are required to participate in continuing education courses every year.

puppy playskool

This is a great way for puppies and pet parents to learn about canine body language, how dogs communicate and play styles. An Instructor provides off leash play sessions while educating parents on appropriate play and management techniques. Designed to shape healthy play skills and socialization in a clean and safe play environment. Duration of this class is one hour. Pre-registration is required.

4 Instructional Play Sessions

puppy start right

The goal of the Puppy Start Right Class is to have a well-socialized, friendly dog and to promote a positive learning experience. We will teach puppy parents how to use positive, proactive exploration techniques to help puppies build confidence in their environment.

Puppy Start Right class is an ideal way to help puppies learn how to communicate with other puppies, humans and the environment in a safe, positive and proactive manner. Socialization is not just about exposure; it’s about creating positive experiences during the critical socialization period.

Puppy Start Right Book
4 Classroom sessions
5 On Demand sessions
Email & Phone Support

good dog 1: training foundations

Good Dog 1 is designed to get your and your dog started on the right paw. The focus of this class will be to teach attention on you, beginning leash walking, relaxing around other dogs, beginning recall, and polite greetings.

If your puppy is older than 12 weeks (3 months), you may sign up for the Good Dog 1 class.

good dog 2: accelerated learning

Good Dog 2 is designed to teach pet parents the life skills they need to have a happy, successful relationship with their dog.  Building on the skills taught in Good Dog 1, we will focus on, keeping your dogs attention around distractions (squirrels, dogs, etc.), leash walking in more difficult environments, polite greetings, and more.

good dog 3: urban canine (summer class)

This is our most popular advanced course! Dogs and pet parents will work outside the classroom environment at pre-determined locations, like 5th street market, Oakway mall, coffee houses, etc. This class is designed to increase your dogs' reliability around distractions and give you real life training experience. We will work on attention around distractions, walking on a loose leash through crowds, distance recalls, leave it, stay, dog-dog greetings, etc.