Our History

luckydog day & night care was founded in 2004 with a vision to offer an unmatched level of professional care for each and every guest. Treating the client’s dogs how one would want their own dogs to be treated: with individualized care, professionalism, patience, and respect. That vision lives on today.

Our Pack

Dee Dee Fasquel - Owner 

I have been the owner of Lucky Dog since 2018. I worked in and studied veterinary medicine for 7 years, before beginning a 10 year stint in the business side of corporate America. I have always had a passion for animals, dogs in particular.  My French Bulldog Mr. Bubbles has been a guest of Lucky Dog for the last 5 years and he is very excited to be moving into ownership position. We have big plans for the future and will continually strive to provide the best possible experience for all of our dogs and the parents who care for them. 

Kristin Rini - Daycare Manager, Adventure Club, Senior Dog Handler, & Employee Education Director

Kristen has worked as a luckydog dog handler since June 2007. She has shown outstanding leadership skills and a great love for all of our canine companions. Kristen plays a major role in developing and maintaining a healthy and safe daycare experience. Her job encompasses new dog evaluations, assessing pack dynamics, Adventure Club, and employee continuing education. What she loves most about her job is learning about animal behavior and psychology and growing through the connections with the dogs and their people.

Katie Rini - Operations Manager, Senior Dog Handler, & Employee Educator

Katie has worked as a luckydog dog handler since June 2009. She is incredibly organized and smart as a whip. Her job encompasses management of our entire operation including, but not limited to, medication administration, feeding protocols, continual assessment of boarders, reservation requirement management, and employee education. She is passionate about her job and loves to spend her days ensuring the best possible boarding/daycare experience for your pups. She is an invaluable member of our team!

Stacey Lambert - Boarding Manager, Adventure Club, Senior Dog Handler 

Stacey Lambert came on board in 2018 and brings a lot to the team. She is a photographer, blog writer, and dog lover. She is an excellent dog hander and has recently been accepted into the Karen Pryor Academy for animal training and behavior. We look forward to the additional skill sets she will bring to the team upon graduation. Stacey's responsibilities include Boarding Manager, Adventure Club, and Lead Dog Handler. If you see professional looking pics on our site and on the lobby TV you can be sure that they are Stacey's creations. She is an exemplary employee and we are psyched that she is part of the team!

Jocelyn Ruf - Office Manager, Senior Dog Handler

Jocelyn joined our pack in 2016 and has shown a high level of responsibility and excellent problem solving skills. She picks things up easily and shares them effectively with other members of our team. These attributes combined with her excellent dog handling skills quickly earned her a team lead position. She has continued to learn and grow over the years and in 2019 was promoted to office manager. You will see her manning the front desk most weekday afternoons. Jocelyn has an amazing work ethic and is an all around rock star! 



Savanna Evans - Groomer

Savanna Evans was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon.  She started her first job working with animals at age 16 and has continued making sure her work environment has always surrounded animal care in some fashion. She attended and graduated from the Oregon Pet Grooming academy and started grooming with Luckydog in 2010.  She has continued her grooming and bathing career since then at a few other facilities, taking a pause to raise her now toddler.  She is very excited to get back to grooming with Luckydog!

Jesse Harris - Team Leader

Jesse joined our pack in 2017 and has consistently shown a desire to learn and grow. She is the lead float (dog handling/boarding split) due to her excellent organizational skills and positive attitude. Also, if you have ever wondered who posts our awesome pics on social media - it's her. I have no idea how she captures some of those shots but she delivers every time! Keep up the good work Jesse - you rock!

LaRena Snow - Dog Handler/Boarding

LaRena started at Luckydog in 2018 and brings a lot to the team. She always goes the extra mile whether that involves staying late to get things done or supporting other staff when needed. Her love for dogs is expansive making her a perfect fit for Team Luckydog!

McKenna Wilson - Dog Handler/Boarding

McKenna started at Luckydog in 2018 and is a reliable, capable member of our team. Her positive attitude and love for all of our pups embody the awesome culture at Luckydog. We are lucky to have her!

Taylor Maxfield - Dog Handler/Boarding

Taylor started at Luckydog in 2017. Her upbeat personality, strong work ethic, and love for your fur children make her an invaluable member of the team. 

Our staff offers you and your dog an unmatched level of care, comfort, and safety. We invest in our team's skills so they continue to grow in their ability to provide excellent service in the Eugene-Springfield area.