Small Group Saturdays!

Supervised, small group, play with our certified trainer Stacey!

Did you add a four legged member to your family during the pandemic? Do you need some guidance in expanding your dog’s social circle? Our new training service “Small Group Saturdays” can do just that!

Led by a KPA-CTP, science-based, positive reinforcement trainer, your dog will get to experience small group play in a supervised environment. With extensive knowledge of canine body language and behavior, our certified trainer can fully assess your dog’s comfort level and allow them to move at their own pace.

This class is an excellent opportunity for your dog to build confidence, gain social skills and obtain personalized recommendations for training, if desired.

Our goal is to set your dog up for success in the ever changing world that we live in. Contact Stacey today to discuss how we can best meet the needs of your pup.

Contact us to sign up today!

(541) 744-BARK (2275) option 2

Small Group Pricing

One 2 hour class$65
4 pack of (2 hour) classes $235
4 pack of (2 hour) classes & 2 in-home training sessions$499

Please email us directly at or call us at 541-744-BARK (2275).