dog boarding

luckydog day & night care is a boutique dog boarding and doggy day care facility located in Eugene - Springfield, Oregon. Our individualized care approach allows us to focus on exercise and companionship that go beyond fulfilling your dog's basic needs.

While we love overnight guests, Luckydog is not a drop-off dog boarding facility. There is a 3 part evaluation that must take place prior to acceptance. The reason is simple, doggy daycare is included with dog boarding and we foster an environment of consistency for our canines. A comprehensive assessment leads to better integration into the pack and more harmony within the group. If you are interested in dog boarding but are not yet part of our pack, please register as a new customer on our booking page.

dog boarding options

    Décor  What's Included   
Simple Suite    Elevated bed, blanket     Daycare, add ons available


Lucky Luxury

Private suite, elevated bed with down topper, raised bowls, faux fur rug, and custom dog star art  

Daycare, Cuddle time, Riverwalk, Treats, daily pic via text, Lucky Spa credit*  


VIP Suite  

180 sq ft suite, twin trundle bed with memory foam mattresses, 50" 4K smart TV, raised bowls, faux fur memory foam rug, additional elevated beds, pendant light, and customizable chalkboard accent wall  

Daycare, Story time, Riverwalk, Treats, Netflix dog centric movies, daily pic via text, Lucky Spa credit**

*Lucky Luxury suites include a $5 nightly Lucky Spa credit. The credits must be used during the reservation and cannot be rolled over. $2.50 spa credit, per night, for each additional dog in the same suite.

*The VIP suite include a $15 nightly Lucky Spa credit. The credits must be used during the reservation and cannot be rolled over. $7.50 spa credit, per night, for each additional dog in the same suite.


Every suite includes:
• elevated beds
• fresh water
• water and food bowls

Daily pic

(Simple Suite optional add-on) - $1

Receive a daily pic via text from our staff.


(Simple Suite optional add-on) - $3

In addition to meals (bring your dog's regular food), you may add:

• Peanut Butter Kong Treat - chewing and licking promote mental stimulation and calm behavior.

• Feeding toys - for the dog that needs some additional stimuli beyond a Kong.

Cuddle Time

(Simple Suite optional add-on) - $4

There's actually a scientific approach to cuddle time. Petting a dog in long strokes promotes relaxation and
reduces stress. 5+ minutes of sleepy time love.

Story Time

(Luxury Suite optional add-on) - $5

Want a little more special attention for your pup? Let them enjoy some additional one on one time with our staff cuddled up on their bed for story time. 15+ minutes of pure sleepy time love.


(Simple Suite optional add-on) - $15

A 30 min walk in our beautiful Oregon landscape.

Lucky Spa

(optional service add-on) - prices vary

Bathe in bubbles and go home fresh and clean.

What you should bring:

  • Food (if your dog eats from a slow feeder please bring it)
  • Medication
  • Optional Items:
    • A toy or two (No rope toys or hazardous chew toys (i.e. rawhide, bully sticks, etc)
    • An item with your scent (i.e. old t-shirt)

Interested in boarding?

Begin by giving us a call or register as a new customer on our booking page to get the ball rolling.

We accept cash, personal checks, Visa, and MasterCard. During the initial enrollment process, each dog owner must provide a valid credit card to be on file in order to treat your dog in case of an emergency. We do not bill customers or allow credit.

During busy holidays a deposit for boarding must be placed for each dog to guarantee their reservation. This deposit must be made at the time of reservation and payment must be made when the dog is picked up. A deposit is not required for daycare services, but we will require payment at the time of pick-up.









Simple Suite $42/night
Lucky Luxury

VIP Suite



*an additional dog in the same suite is 50% off the original price (i.e. one luxury suite with 2 dogs is $84 per night)

**10% increase during major holidays