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Dog Leash Training in Eugene & Springfield Oregon

Dog Leash Training in Eugene & Springfield Oregon

Does your dog find it challenging to walk calmly on the leash, tugging or showing signs of aggression towards other dogs?

Do you struggle to find the time in your busy schedule to work on refining your dog’s leash manners?

Reclaim the joy of hassle-free strolls with Luckydog’s Leash Training sessions, tailor-made to address these common walking challenges.

Our experienced trainer, Stacey, employs a positive reinforcement approach. You have the flexibility to choose how the training takes place: Stacey can pick up your dog from your home for a dedicated one-on-one session; alternatively, leash training can be integrated into your dog’s daycare activities or incorporated into their stay at Luckydog Day & Night Care.

Our 45-minute sessions, led by our certified trainer, are designed to improve leash behavior and concentration in the presence of distractions. Utilizing engaging pattern games and a reward-based training model, your dog will learn to walk calmly and controlled on a leash. This supplementary service provides focused attention from our dedicated team, creating a valuable and enjoyable break during your dog’s time with us, whether it’s daycare, lodging, or at home.

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Field Trip Pricing

Single Session$115
Four Session Package$415
Eight Session Package$785

Single and 4 session packages must be used within 45 days of purchase.

8 session packages must be used within 90 days of purchase.