Dog Leash Training in Eugene & Springfield Oregon

Dog Leash Training in Eugene & Springfield Oregon

Does your dog pull on the leash or lash out when walking by other dogs?

Are you having trouble finding time during the day to practice leash manners with your pup?

Luckydog’s Leash training sessions are a convenient way to help you and your dog enjoy walking together again!

Our positive reinforcement trainer, Stacey, will meet you at your home & pick up your pup for a one-on-one leash walking session. Alternatively, leash training is offered as a convenient add-on for your dog’s daycare day or lodging reservation here at Luckydog Day & Night Care.

In these sessions, Stacey will work on improving engagement with your pup (checking in throughout the walk). Through positive reinforcement, Stacey will also help build your dog’s confidence & work to improve their ability to remain calm when walking through new environments and past other people and dogs!

Leash training sessions are 30 minutes in duration. Stacey & your pup will work on promoting loose leash walking and remaining calm around real-life distractions and situations.

Contact us to sign up today!

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Field Trip Pricing

Single Session$85
Four Session Package$306
Eight Session Package$578

Single and 4 session packages must be used within 45 days of purchase.

8 session packages must be used within 90 days of purchase.