Adventure Club Dog Hikes

The Luckydog Adventure Club was created for dogs who love to explore the great outdoors with canine friends and our Adventure Club team.

Canine behavioral professionals and our expert team agree that dogs who maintain an active routine and lifestyle are happier and healthier and are less likely to become bored and destructive.

Luckydog Adventure Club dogs love our walking and hiking excursions in and around the Eugene area, in places where a small group of dogs are safe to roam, run, play, and discover the exciting elements of nature.

Sometimes we get dirty, but what dog doesn’t love a puddle? We clean each dog’s paws after our excursions and can arrange for a bath afterward as well.

Each adventure is over an hour and we provide plenty of fresh water and healthy treats.

Want to join our Adventure Club?

For each pet’s health and safety, we start with an assessment process to ensure our Adventure Club dogs share similar temperaments and playstyles and will respond when called.

Call us at 541-744-2275 to learn more and to sign your dog up for our assessment process today!

Ask about our convenient transportation service to and from your home in our custom, crate-equipped, climate-controlled pet limo. 

Please read our Guidelines and Policies


Adventure Club Day Pass $65
Lucky Limo $15/each way
Adventure Club After Bat Prices Vary

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