Lucky Puppy Training Classes

The puppy preschool that will set your puppy up for success!


Does your puppy have frequent accidents in the house? Having trouble finding time to relax because your puppy doesn't slow down? Lucky Puppy courses can help!

  • Enrolling puppies ages 8-12 weeks
  • Four week course led by a certified dog trainer (Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner)
  • Includes weekly 4 hour on-site play and learn groups, as well as 1 - 1 hour in-home training sessions
  • 18 hours of class time
  • Open enrollment
  • Tuition $499
  • First round of puppy vaccines required prior to start date

What is Lucky Puppy?

Lucky puppy is the puppy preschool you never knew you needed...until now! This is a four week course containing four modules that will help set your puppy up for success in the real world. There are a lot of scary and questionable things out there that can create fear and uncertainty in your canine. The four modules in this course incorporate:

  • potty training
  • tools to help minimize destructive chewing
  • name recognition
  • playtime with other puppies
  • exposure to nail trims, harnesses, grooming, and more
  • confidence building

The new experiences your puppy will be introduced to in a fun and positive manner, will help build a solid foundation of confidence and skills to handle everyday exposures.