Dog Grooming Eugene, OR and Springfield, OR

If you need dog grooming in Eugene Oregon, or Springfield, Oregon, we have you covered! Our professional dog groomer can handle dogs of all shapes and sizes! Let us groom your dog in the Eugene or Springfield area.


Dog Grooming pricing varies by breed, size, and condition of the pups coat, please call and we will be happy to give you an estimate of our services.


Meet your groomer!

Rae Leaton - professionally trained groomer

Luck Spa groomer Rae is a native Oregonian and has had a deep passion for the well-being of dogs since she was a child. She loves being able to tap into her creative side on a daily basis and takes pride in transforming your fur babies into something that will impress even the most discerning client.
Over the last few years, Rae has honed her skills with her main focus being on making sure that her canine clients are comfortable and enjoy the grooming experience. She is dedicated to her craft as is shown by her participation in continuing education and goal of becoming a master groomer.

A bath includes the following services:

Bath x 2
Conditioning Treatment
20 minute Brush-Out (additional fees may apply)
Blow Out
Ear Cleaning/Plucking
Nail Trim

Bath & Tidy = a bath plus a face, feet, and fanny trim

Full Groom = a bath plus a full body haircut

A La Carte services available

Prices vary based on size and coat condition

Luckyspa makes dog grooming convenient! After your pup has had a fun day of playing with their friends, they are able to relax in the groom room and enjoy a one on one grooming visit. We always try to work one dog at a time so they receive our undivided attention. Each pup that signs up for a bath/groom receives a nail trim, ear cleaning (ear hair plucking if needed), two washes (to help the clean last longer), conditioning treatment, blow dry and a brush out. We have many different shampoo options to fit any type of coat. We are also always open to requests or any notes that you may think will make your pup more comfortable, as well as achieving what you as their owner would like! Treat are available at no charge for pups that can have them, and we also have doggy ear protection for sensitive pups!