Come join Luckydog Day & Night Care at Bark in the Park!


The Luckydog Team will be hosting a booth at this year's Bark in the Park

to support Greenhill Humane Society!

You know how much we love animals at Luckydog Day & Night Care. That's why the Luckydog team is participating in Greenhill Humane Society's Bark in the Park. We are trying to raise money to help the homeless, abused, and neglected pets in our community. Will you donate on behalf of the animals and help the Luckydog team meet our goal?
Greenhill does amazing things for animals, and they never put a time limit on how long pets are in their care. They are a life-saving shelter, and they deserve our support. Come join us on Sunday, May 15th, at Alton Baker Park to show your support!


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Safe, expansive, indoor/outdoor area

Lucky Spa, Riverwalks, and Lucky Limo available


Spacious Simple and Luxury Suites, a stunning VIP Suite, playtime and more!

Canine Academy

Let our certified dog trainer help you achieve your goals to have a well behaved, confident canine

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Small group, off-leash, socialization on a specialized 75+ min hike.

Fresh air and fun in the beautiful Oregon landscape

Lucky Spa

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Full service options with experts at the top of their game!

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Need a ride? Luckydog Limo at your service.

One way and round trips available

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